Saturday, April 11, 2009

Working with Children and Families through CMO's

Colors of Play, LLC has just been awarded a MOU (contract) with Hudson Partnership CMO and very shortly will also be working with Bergen's Promise CMO (Care Management Organization)as a Provider of clinical services.

Once a child has enrolled through the ValueOptions referral process with the CMO's, a Care Manager (the person who will work closely to help a child and family manage their life until they can do it on their own) contacts the family to set up a meeting where they live or within their community. Each Care Manager has an average of ten families per caseload.

The Family Support Organization is also contacted to help link the family with a parent partner who will help provide peer support, education and advocacy to them. The Family Support Organization works in partnership with the CMO's, ValueOptions, state agencies and provider organizations to ensure that the system is open and responsive to the needs of families and children. The Family Support Organization provides a voice for families working with Bergen's Promise or Hudson Partnership, especially at Child and Family Team meetings.
The family and child's immediate needs and present strengths and interests are assessed. A plan for action is formulated in case another crisis or event develops. Who to call and what to do are clearly defined if anything should happen.

Additional family or community members as well as representatives from the professional community, including the Family Support Organization–anyone important in the life of the child–are identified. These people will constitute the members of the Child and Family Team. A date is set for the first Child and Family Team meeting to be scheduled toward the end of the next 30 days. All decisions relating to the child and family needs and supports are made at Child and Family Team meetings. All members have an equal voice in making those decisions.
A plan is created and implemented by the Team. The plan includes mental health services and natural support activities, designed to meet the needs of the child and their family.

A Partnership
Essential puzzle pieces – linked together:

1.ValueOptions - Contracted Systems Administrator (CSA)
2.Children's Mobile Response and Stabilization System
3.Care Management Organization (CMO)
4.Youth Case Management
5.Family Support Organization (FSO)

I am very excited that Colors of Play, LLC will be included in this referral process. Art and Play Therapy can be an effective clinical approach for children expereinceing trauma, behavioral issues and emotional difficulties. Referrals will be generated by the CMO care managers and I will be provding Art and Play therapy in the home.

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Pamela Ullmann, ATR-BC, LCAT, CCLS

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